My family of five has been seeing Dr. Peter J. Deschenes and his office staff since 1997.  I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  In fact, we moved 30 minutes away in 2002 and my husband did go to a local office.  He was back with Dr. Deschenes immediately after, despite the long drive from work.  As a former self proclaimed dental-phobe, I appreciate Dr. Deschenes clear explanations of what needs to be done and how he is going to do it.  He explores in detail options and recommends what he thinks is the best solution based on all the factors involved. Furthermore, he informs us step by step what he is doing while working on us.  As a parent, I am grateful for the instruction regarding when to see the orthodontist and the guidance as to what to discuss when I do see him.  Their office is child friendly, with activities to occupy siblings, distractions during fluoride treatments, and goody-bag trinkets.  The hygienists show patients proper brushing techniques using models of teeth, toothbrushes, and mirrors.  And, their modern equipment includes cameras to showcase specific areas in the mouth, and digital x-rays.  I find Dr. Deschenes’ office friendly, comfortable, and above all, trustworthy.  And honestly, no one in my family is afraid to go to the dentist.  Well, most of the time, anyway!   

– Melissa Tiber, Ringoes, NJ

Dr. Peter Deschenes is a remarkable individual who just happens to be a dentist! He makes it his business to be totally up-to- date in his science and practice of dentistry. Every aspect of Dr. Pete's practice is based upon the best customer service principles. He spends time with his patients and respects their right to understand what's going on with their health. Dr. Pete's strong sense of integrity means that he will not recommend something you don't need. He gives you the straight story about what's going on with your oral health. See for yourself what a great dentist he is!  
– Richard Allan Canter, RAC3group

Finding a kind, gentle, good dentist seems to be one of the hardest things to do. I have honestly never been so relaxed in a dentist’s chair!  Dr. Deschenes completely changed the way I view visits to the dentist. He took all the fear out of the process and replaced it with information and reassurance. His staff is as pleasant, cheerful and gentle as he is. See how bright my smile is and you’ll know he does good work! A smile is a sign of confidence; when someone walks out of a dentist’s office with a smile it speaks volumes! Dr. Deschenes is a friendly, patient, gentle Doctor who cares not just about my teeth, but about how I feel about the options and decisions we make. I wish I had found him years ago. Visit once and stay for the rest of your life. He’s just that good. 
– Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM, President and Chief Strategist, Strategic Meetings and Events

Dr. Pete's strengths are apparent: excellent dentistry, clear communication and empowering his patients by taking the time to listen to me and explain procedures clearly. He has helped me with crowns, fillings, bonding and now with a sleep disorder device (The Moses™) to help me manage my sleep apnea.  This device positions my jaw to allow more airflow and help curtail snoring. It is state-of-the-art technology that I am grateful to have access to, and I am definitely sleeping better now. His staff is extremely helpful and attentive. They make you feel right at home. Liz is by far the most meticulous hygientist that I have ever worked with. Dr. Pete has extra long evening office hours to accommodate my busy work schedule. The difference between Dr. Pete and other dentists will be apparent after just one visit!    
– Val Waterman, NJ

I have a 40 year old daughter with Multiple Sclerosis. We went to Dr. Pete because we had visited an oral surgeon who suggested that she have all of her teeth removed and replaced with false teeth! The oral surgeon requested that Devany go to a dentist to have X-rays taken before proceeding. Dr. Pete suggested that instead of removing her teeth there was enough bone to support crowns in her mouth. He called in an expert implant surgeon who gave my daughter a mild anesthesia so that she could sleep through the work. In just six visits she has crowns on her teeth and Devany has experienced absolutely no pain! She is an incredibly happy person with a beautiful pearly white smile! Dr. Pete cares about his patients like no other dentist I have ever met! 
– Lance Booth, L&B Desktop Publishing & Printing

Dr. Deschenes was part of a dental team which successfully treated my upper jaw using implants and permanent restoration. Eight implants were placed by Dr. Tracy Ginsburg and before I left her office, Dr. Deschenes had placed a permanent bridge -- the entire procedure lasted 4 hours. I walked in wearing a denture and left with permanent teeth. Today, I laugh, smile, eat, drink and talk without fear of an unexpected embarrassing moment. That was approximately 8 years ago and with each check-up I am assured that my mouth could not be in better health. Approximately 4 years ago, my husband and I moved an hour and a half away from Dr. Deschenes’ office but we wouldn’t think of going to anyone else. He is our dentist for life. His office staff makes us feel like we are part of their work “family” and make every effort to be gentle and kind. We are happy to finally have a caring dentist and office staff tending to our health issues. 
– Catherine S.

Drawings made by young patients visiting our office.